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Entering into a legally binding marriage or civil partnership is a hugely exciting time and once you are married you will have many more legal rights than before. This is particularly centred around your financial situations especially if there is a significant amount of wealth already within the relationship or due through inheritance for example.

As opposed to being viewed as pessimistic, a pre-nuptial agreement is an extremely sensible document to enter into, as in the unfortunate event of separation and divorce this will save an additional amount of stress being experienced by both parties. In couples where one party is a significantly higher earner than the other or has access to large sums of money, it may be that you agree for a certain amount to be awarded to the lesser earner for each year of marriage completed, or that a certain amount is put in a trust for any children and then the remaining amount be shared equally. There are so many options and you can customise your agreement to your own unique situation.

At Morlings, our family law experts can work with you, listen to your thoughts and ideas and guide you through the process of making a prenuptial agreement. 

They will ensure that:

  • you and your partner disclose the full extent of your personal wealth and financial interests;  
  • you are both happy to enter a prenuptial agreement and have good reasons for doing so;
  • you have thought about all eventualities;
  • the agreement proposed will meet your respective financial needs and those of your children; and
  • you take independent legal advice, so you are clear about the proposed terms of your financial arrangements.   

If you have already married or entered a civil partnership we can advise on a postnuptial agreement to protect your interests.

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