Professional Negligence

If you’re unhappy with the services you have received from a hired professional, we can work with you to see if you are justified in pursuing a compensatory claim for any financial loss you may have incurred as a result of their sub-standard practice.

As with all litigation claims there are strict timescales in place for launching a case so it is imperative you contact us as soon as possible after the event.

What do I have to prove?

You will need to be able to provide proof that the services received from the person or organisation you wish to claim against were below the reasonable standard expected, or as an extreme, not received at all. You will need to show that as a direct result of this you have suffered a loss be it financial or otherwise.

Who you can claim against?

A claim for professional negligence can be brought against anyone who provides a service which is generally accepted as requiring a certain degree of expertise or skill and where the professional has represented themselves as having that expertise or skill. This could be for example via their website, reviews and testimonials or other marketing material advertising their skills and expertise. These professionals can include: 

  • surveyors, architects, engineers or builders; 
  • accountants, financial advisors, insurance brokers or professional trustees; 
  • solicitors, conveyancers or barristers; and
  • IT experts or software developers. 

How we can help

Our experienced team of professional negligence solicitors can help you to:

  • obtain any relevant paperwork to establish what has gone wrong and whether a negligence claim may be possible;
  • prepare a formal letter to the professional setting out details of your claim including details of what you consider they have done wrong and inviting them to provide their response before consideration is given to pursuing a claim at court;
  • try to negotiate an amicable settlement of your claim; and
  • make a claim at court where an out of court settlement cannot be reached. 

We will also investigate whether you are entitled to pursue any further claims, for example a claim for breach of contract.

Should your professional negligence claim be against the medical industry, our expert medical negligence team will support you throughout the process.

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We offer an initial appointment to discuss your requirements from £220 – £375 plus VAT depending on your solicitor’s experience.  After that we can arrange flexible payment terms, including monthly billing to help you budget.

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