Financial Arrangements

Finances can sometimes be a particular sticking point amongst separating couples. Both parties should be able to fund living separately, arrange child care needs, and pay outstanding joint debts although this is not always easily achievable without assistance from a professional family law specialist.

There are of course vast differences in the legal rights of married couples and civil partners entering into divorce proceedings or dissolution, and those  cohabiting as an unmarried couple. However our teams are highly knowledgeable in all areas and will explain clearly to you what you are entitled to and the best way to proceed in your individual circumstances.  

Whatever your circumstances, the family law specialists at Hatten Wyatt Solicitors in Kent can help you to agree: 

  • what should happen to the family home and any further properties you or your partner own, both here and abroad;
  • how other assets or personal possessions should be split;
  • how money in the bank and investments should be shared;
  • what should happen to inherited money and income received from a trust;
  • how pensions ought to be dealt with;
  • how business interests should to be valued;
  • who should be responsible for paying any debts; and
  • the amount of maintenance that should be paid to you and your children.

By taking a collaborative law approach, or via family mediation where appropriate, our experienced lawyers can help you to negotiate a legally enforceable agreement which in most cases will enable you to make a clean break. They can also, if needed, refer matters to the court and help you to investigate your partners financial circumstances if they are refusing to cooperate or if you believe assets and money have been hidden. They can also help if a property dispute arises. 

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We can also offer meetings by skype for clients who have to travel extensively or who now live abroad.  In exceptional circumstances, home visits can also be arranged.

Fixed cost initial appointment / Legal aid

We offer an initial appointment with Avril to discuss your requirements from £95 plus VAT. Legal aid may also be available in certain cases and is normally always available for defending care proceedings and taking steps to protect against domestic violence or child abuse.

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