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Everyone likes to feel in control of their life and have the freedom to make decisions based on what they feel is best for them. However there may come a time where this is no longer possible, due to diminished mental capacity, physical illness or a number of other reasons. In this scenario it is not necessarily a next of kin or family member that will be in charge of decisions for you, it could be whoever the Court of Protection deem to be most suitable. To avoid this happening it is really crucial that you consider making a lasting power of attorney to ensure that your wishes are communicated via those closest to you.

There are two different sections that can be managed by a lasting power of attorney, one is to implement decisions over financial and property affairs and the other is over health and welfare issues. You can have two separate people to do one of these each or you can appoint one person to do both. There is also the possibility of including someone to be your business power of attorney should you be involved in any commercial arrangements.

It is important to be aware that there are a very specific set of criteria that must be met in order for powers of attorney to be implemented. There are stringent checks constantly in place to prevent any abuse of this power whether deliberate or otherwise.

Our expert Wills & Probate lawyers are able to assist you with preparation of:

  • a property and financial affairs lasting power of attorney;
  • a health and welfare lasting power of attorney, accompanied by an advanced decision directing whether life sustaining treatment should be given; and
  • a business power of attorney.

We can also help with applications to the Court of Protection:

  • for the appointment of a deputy in cases where a loved one loses mental capacity before a lasting power of attorney can be made;
  • to resolve issues on which attorneys or deputies may disagree; and
  • to seek permission to take steps, or to make decisions, not covered by a lasting power of attorney or deputyship order.

Additionally if you feel it the most appropriate nomination, we can act as an attorney or a deputy on your behalf.

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