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My neighbour has taken part of my garden. What can I do?

William Mayston
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What might have started out looking like a small and innocuous plant to your neighbour can soon grow into a substantial hedge that extends well beyond their boundary, albeit innocently, reducing the amount of land which you can enjoy.  On the other...

Have you suffered from COVID-19 due to a lack of PPE?

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COVID-19 has had a massive and immediate impact on our working lives. The risks to those working in the healthcare sector are well documented in the media, but workers in other areas such as construction, retail and goods distribution are also at risk....

Could carelessness on social media land you in court?

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Did you know that you can be sued for posting something online that is not true or for sharing or endorsing a false post made by someone else?  Did you also know that if you are sued, you could be ordered to pay compensation and legal costs and forced...

How do I claim my rightful inheritance?

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If a loved one, or someone you were financially dependent on, has died and either left you out of their will entirely or failed to make adequate financial provision for you, then it may be possible for you to get the terms of the will varied so that...

Why You Should Get Solicitors to Draft and Store Your Will

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Engaging solicitors to both draft your will and store it safely until it is needed really is the only sensible course to take. In a case where such wisdom did not prevail, the High Court had to decide whether a missing will had been deliberately destroyed,...