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Kenneth Amakye

Spring 2022 - Employment law update for employers

  • Posted

April is usually the month when the Government introduces new employment legislation, and in recent years has announced its commitment to introducing significant new rights, such as neo-natal leave and a duty to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. ...

Employment policies and procedures: time for a refresh?

  • Posted

Many businesses are now at the stage where they have planned their longer-term working arrangements for staff who may be office-based, remote working, or a hybrid arrangement. Some of the changes to working practices which were introduced ‘on the...

​A neighbour has caused my property to flood. What can I do?

  • Posted

The risk of flooding in England and Wales is increasing year on year and exposing millions of homeowners to the possibility of property damage and the consequent misery that this causes. In some cases, there is nothing you can do but try to claim on...

Resolving a dispute between property owners with a shared interest

  • Posted

‘An Englishman’s home is his castle’ is a familiar phrase with its origins in the 16 th century, where it was widely accepted that no one should have the right to interfere with the use and enjoyment of a person’s property except in...

Landlords' options for enforcing commercial tenants' obligations

  • Posted

As the economic impact of the pandemic grows, many commercial landlords are struggling to collect rent and enforce their business tenants’ other lease obligations. While the Government has acted to protect business occupiers by restricting...

Acquisition opportunities among distressed businesses

  • Posted

As many of the government measures to support businesses through Covid-19 come to an end, businesses which have limped along may need to take more drastic action and consider renegotiation with creditors, restructuring, disposal, or even winding up or...

My neighbour has taken part of my garden. What can I do?

  • Posted

What might have started out looking like a small and innocuous plant to your neighbour can soon grow into a substantial hedge that extends well beyond their boundary, albeit innocently, reducing the amount of land which you can enjoy. On the other...