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Silviya Maclean

Protecting your business if you lose mental capacity

  • Posted

With people seeking greater flexibility and a better work-life balance, small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) now account for 99 per cent of all private businesses in the UK. ‘Launching and building your new startup is an exciting time and...

Prince Philip's Will to Remain Secret for 90 Years

  • Posted

The High Court has decided that the “dignity and standing” of the Queen will be protected by not disclosing Prince Philip’s Will following his death in April 2021. This sort of protection is not new and has been used repeatedly by the...

Do I need a letter of wishes alongside my will?

  • Posted

Making a will is an important part of lifetime legal planning, but do you need to put all your wishes in your will? Where should you set out your wishes for gifts or your funeral arrangements? Is it appropriate to explain your decisions about your legacy?...

It's complicated - changes to marital status and making a will

  • Posted

There have been a number of changes in regard to marriage law since 2004, with the most recent being the introduction of opposite-sex civil partnerships in 2019. These changes have been important in providing clarity over legal rights and financial...

How to reduce the risk of attorneys falling out

  • Posted

The steady rise in life expectancy means it is more important than ever that people appoint someone to take control of their financial and healthcare decisions if they are no longer able to do so themselves through ill health. This is done by appointing...

Introducing our newest Partner

  • Posted

Congratulations to Silviya Maclean, in our Private Client department, who became a Partner on 1 st September 2019. Here’s a little more about Silviya and her background! Silviya studied Law and qualified with a LLB (Hons) and...

Appointing Loved Ones as Executors of Your Will? Read This First!

  • Posted

Appointing loved ones as executors of your will may seem the natural thing to do, but there are very good reasons why it is often wiser to employ professionals. A case on point concerned two sisters who fell out bitterly after one of them arranged their...

Keen to Cut Inheritance Tax Liabilities? Contact Us Today

  • Posted

Giving away assets to your loved ones with warm hands, when you are still fit and healthy, is a readily available means of reducing Inheritance Tax (IHT) liabilities. However, as a guideline Court of Appeal decision illustrated, such gifts must be made...