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Deborah Nicholson

Reconciliation; can we change our minds about getting a divorce?

  • Posted

You are likely to have spent some weeks, months or perhaps even years contemplating getting a divorce before you decided to apply, and even then, you may still wonder if it is not too late to save your marriage, particularly if you have children together. ...

Can a non-molestation order prevent someone bothering me?

  • Posted

Domestic abuse can impact men and women, of any age or race and is seen across all parts of society. Unfortunately, statistics from the Office for National Statistics reveal that domestic abuse is on the increase, with cases having risen by six per...

Could my marriage be invalid?

  • Posted

Sadly, there are people who have believed they were legally married, only to find out years later their marriage was invalid. This normally only comes to light when a relationship ends, or when one party to the relationship dies as it can have an...

Can you really have a clean break after divorce?

  • Posted

Many people mistakenly believe that a divorce severs your financial ties, but that is not the case. It is necessary to either agree your financial arrangements via a separate negotiation and have the settlement formalised by the court, or have the...