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Avril Croud

UK Surrogacy Rates Are on the Rise - What People Considering Surrogacy Need to Know

  • Posted

Babies born by surrogacy have nearly quadrupled in the last 10 years, with 413 parental orders (used to transfer legal parental responsibility from the surrogate to the intended parents) reported in 2020. This is a rise from 117 reported in 2011. Two-thirds...

No-Fault Divorce delayed to April 2022

  • Posted

A new divorce law which will make it easier and less stressful for many couples to get a divorce has been delayed to 6 April 2022. No-Fault divorce was originally supposed to start in Autumn 2021, so this is a delay of around 8-10 months. The government...

The implications of alcohol misuse and family arrangements

  • Posted

While many adults drink alcohol responsibly, unfortunately there is a significant percentage of the adult population in England that misuse alcohol. Government statistics for 2020 show that over half a million adults in England were admitted to...

Do I need to start my divorce prior to Brexit?

  • Posted

If you are contemplating divorce, then you may need to consider whether it would be beneficial to commence proceedings prior to Brexit. This is particularly important if either you or your spouse are nationals of another EU country, if you last resided...

Divorce and the division of overseas assets

  • Posted

It is not uncommon for a divorcing couple to have some property in another country, whether this is a holiday home in the sun or the alps, a property in your country of birth, or an investment in commercial property or assets abroad. ‘The term...

Changes to legal aid in family matters

  • Posted

Many people are aware that there were major changes to the Legal Aid Scheme in 2013 but there is a great deal of confusion as to when and how Legal Aid is available in family matters. If you are a parent (and in some limited circumstances another relative)...