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What is it like to be a Trainee Solicitor at Morlings?

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Are you considering a career as a solicitor and would like to know more about what your day to day dealings would entail? We asked one of our Trainee Solicitors here at Morlings in Maidstone, Rezwana Dithy, what her experience has been like so far! 

What does your typical day look like?

In my current seat in the conveyancing department, I have direct interactions with clients and other professionals such as solicitors and estate agents.  My usual day includes taking instructions from clients, dealing with client enquiries and keeping clients updated on the progress of their files. Each day differs; I can be dealing with exchanging contracts, as well as completions on transactions such as purchases and sales, re-mortgages and transfers of equity.

How much interaction do you have with your clients?

I deal directly with clients every day. It’s really motivating that the firm has entrusted me to have direct contact with clients. From the first week of my training contract I was meeting and communicating with clients, being completely involved in all aspects of the matter. The result is being able to see matters through from the start to the end, building a rapport with clients and the satisfying feeling that my contribution assisted our clients in their case.

Do you have many interactions with the senior professionals?

I work closely with the Partner of the conveyancing department who is also my supervisor. On a daily basis, I discuss matters I am working on with my supervisor and raise any questions I may have. She often reviews my work and offers suggestions and constructive criticism (as there is always room for improvement!).

I have also been given my own files in relation to civil matters alongside my seat in the conveyancing department. This responsibility was given to me by the Senior Partner of the firm. I use my own initiative to progress these files for my clients and am given ownership of the work I do. I often liaise with the Senior Partner to discuss the progression of said matters. The Partners in the firm are very approachable and I have regular interactions with them.

What support have you received from your colleagues?

The support I have received from my colleagues has been invaluable. Everyone has been willing to provide assistance and guidance. After all, they have all been in my position before they became qualified!

What have been your highlights as a trainee so far?

The highlight of my training contract until now is the opportunity to attend a County Court hearing with Counsel on behalf of our client. I was trusted by the Senior Partner to liaise with Counsel directly and prepare documentation in readiness for the Court hearing. It was an extremely valuable experience and the feeling of making a direct contribution to the successful outcome was incredible.

I also had the opportunity to prepare a written representation on behalf of one of our clients for a hearing in the Royal Court of Justice. This was in opposition to an application by the opposition party for permission to appeal.  The written representation I made on behalf of my client was successful and the opposition party was not granted permission to appeal.

What challenges have you faced whilst being a trainee?

I have recognised that soft skills are equally as vital as proficiency in providing a professional legal service. Clients seeking advice from the firm may be dealing with difficult situations. It is therefore imperative to be conscious of the client’s circumstances and ensure that their matters are dealt with, with care and understanding.

What is key to having a successful training experience?

I have almost completed the first trimester of my training contract. I feel that the success I’ve had in my journey to date is down to feeling truly valued by Morlings. More specifically, the encouragement to build upon your clientele at an early stage, the trust to network with highly valued business contacts and the receipt of regular constructive support and advice throughout.

During the first week of my training contract I, I attended a business networking event with the head of conveyancing. Needless to say, I have been given the opportunity to attend numerous other networking events during my training contract, with many more dates in the diary! Morlings have also given me the responsibility of undertaking pro bono at the local council and community centre, twice a month. This allows me to gain experience across a range of practice areas.  It’s clear to see that Morlings recognises their trainees as the future of their firm and the training contracts they offer are a unique opportunity to mould them to be the best solicitor they can be.

If you are interested in careers at Morlings in Maidstone, or in any of our other offices in Gravesend, Chatham or Tenterden, visit our careers page.