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William Mayston

Resolving a dispute about a trust fund

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Once thought of as a device only for the rich and famous, trust funds are now routinely used by ordinary families to protect assets for a loved one in a tax-efficient manner. Although useful, trust funds can be complex mechanisms and disputes can and do...

Bloggers beware! A defamatory post could land you in court and cost you dearly

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Being able to share ideas and opinions over the internet has many benefits. It enables us to communicate quickly with one another and to relay information easily with the simple click of a button. But what few people realise is that when you post something...

Inheritance rights of children born outside of marriage

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According to the Office for National Statistics, nearly as many children are now born to parents who are not married or in a registered civil partnership as to those who are. But do you have fewer rights where you are born outside of a legally recognised...