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Harish Tekchandani

Key lease negotiation points for landlords

  • Posted

Whether negotiating a new commercial lease, or renegotiating an existing one, it is important to plan ahead and be clear about your desired outcomes and where you have flexibility to compromise. ‘Your negotiating position will be influenced by the...

Redeveloping commercial property around your tenant

  • Posted

Redeveloping parts of a building in your portfolio, to create a more flexible layout or perhaps add additional floors, can be a good way to enhance investment value. This is easiest in a vacant building, but you may have good tenants and want to...

Renewing or extending your commercial lease

  • Posted

When a commercial lease is due to end, both landlord and tenant will consider their business plans to decide whether they want to put a new or extended lease in place. Many business tenants have an automatic statutory right to ask for a new lease when...

Making your commercial property portfolio more sustainable

  • Posted

Growing evidence of climate change has put sustainability firmly on the commercial property agenda. Owners, occupiers, and lenders are increasingly focused on ‘ESG’ which refers to environmental, social and governance issues. Lenders...